Hinge Joint Jumpy


Not sure if anyone can help,

I have a Rigid Body that is set to kinematic. Now this has an animation attached to it, and it is roatating on the z axis. The hinge joint attach just fine to other rigid bodies, but these roating ones, it seems to move the spring joints a random distance a way after a bit of rotation, the time it takes to do it is random. I have found no realistic way to stop it.

Has anyone seen this before.

Not that I have seen it, but I think I can see what’s going on in here. What are you trying to accomplish anyway? I would rather have a fully rigged, animated mesh if you want to attach any animations at all to a physical object. However, if you are trying to do something like physics-heavy doors, then I might try to not set the object to kinematic. I am not exactly sure, but just try to not set the whole thing to kinematic (I tried it on a ragdoll and it went absolutely crazy!).