Hinge Joint On Little Noodle Carton (with pic)

Hey! So I just started playing around with hinge joints and I’m having a much harder time then expected trying to use them. I’m trying to simulate a lid being attached to a little carton and have the lid behave realistically while the carton is moved around.

alt text

I’d like the lid to only be able to move back and forth and not be able to do any kind of rotation. I got some of it working but the lid sometimes flips in weird directions and will sometimes separate away and then snap back. It seems like I need a really strong joint. :wink:

Thanks much for the help!

Probably a collider issue. Is the box a concave mesh collider, and does the lid’s collider intersect it? Use just box colliders, and put a bit of a gap between them.

Also try using a configurablejoint. You can lock all but one axis and set the springiness of that axis.