Hinge or Configurable Joint to rigidbody's certain coordinates

I am trying to joint two rigidbodies with Hinge or Configurable Joints but i need to define constant points (in object’s local coordinates) for both objects. I know that a constant point for the object which applied the hinge component is already defined. But i need a constant joint point for the second object too. Is it possible an how please? And a solution for configurable joint is preferred. Thanks.

PS: Sorry for bad english…

The answer is here: first define all the coordinates of objects and distances to each other. Then use Update() function not the OnColissionEnter/Stay. Define the scripts settings seperately (sample code is below). Last use a script to create all in once. ConfigurableJoint sample setting code:
SoftJointLimit limitsLow = new SoftJointLimit(); //CF x rotate limits(negatif/min) limitsLow.limit = -myObjAxisXlimit; //Predefined value limitsLow.bounciness = 0; //returns negative. limitsLow.spring = 0; limitsLow.damper = 0; trailerJoint.lowAngularXLimit = limitsLow;