Hinge Problem

I have a problem with joints, any kind of joints.

I made a working truck and a working trailer.

(working on android)

I connect the truck and the trailer using this scheme:
alt text

Are there any configuration that I have to make? Any ideas?

I too have been frustrated by joints lately. No magic fixes, but a few things to try. I found I got a tighter connection when I reduce the mass of my simulation. I had some success by carefully limiting velocity. Something line:

if (rigid_body.velocity.magnitude > 10.0f)
    rigid_body.velocity = rigid_body.velocity.normalized * 10.0f;

I’ve played with directly changing the position. In LateUpdate() you can use Rigidbody.MovePosition() to place the trailer over the pin.

You might also play with projectionMode/projectionDistance/projectionAngle in the Configurable joint.