HingeJoint working only in editor


I’m on 2022.3.17f1 and I have a script that activates the motor of a Hinge Joint.
It works in the editor but when I build the game it doesn’t work.

I first thought it was the input but I could add logs in the script to confirm it’s not that.

What remains for me would be the Hinge Joint.
I’ve found that you can use .WakeUp() to force the rigidbody to be active but it’s not working for me.
The fact that it works in the editor makes me pretty confused, on top of that I couldn’t find any post about it specifically not working on builds.
I don’t know what to look for.

Any help would be appreciated.

I just found the culprit. I was resetting the limits of the joints in FixedUpdate() and removing that fixed It.
As to why it worked in the editor but not in the build, I have no idea.

For context :
I initially had my project in 2023.x.x but HingeJoints had a weird behavior.
When I disabled the motor, it offset the limits by their maximum, making them rotate about the axis each time the motor was disabled.
Ideally you’d want your limits to stay still, so I searched it up but couldn’t find any post on how to fix that, and since it worked in 2022, I simply gave up and downgraded my project.
When downgrading, I forgot to remove some lines of code that I used to try to debug the behavior. I was saving the limits in the Start() and applied them back in each FixedUpdate(), this did not solve my problem at the time, and it’s apparently causing a new problem now.