Hiring Unity developers for high-end Government Defense Simulation work

I am working with a company to flush out technical solutions for a government initiative. Anyone who has a TS/SCI w Poly clearance, was born in America, and has experience with Unity modeling and the below qualifications, particularly with battle-simulations - - - I would love to get your resume if you are looking for a job. Thanks!

Immersive Ground Vehicle Simulation development, integration, and execution;

Ride Motion Simulation (RMS) and Crew Station/Turret Motion Based Simulation (CS/TMBS);

Crew Station development and integration. The types of engineering and technical services to be provided by the contractor are: systems integration, GSVC-IS Technology Assessment, experiment support, technician support, simulation tuning, dynamic vehicle model development, visual vehicle model development, hardware in the loop simulation, user in the loop simulation, interoperation, verification and validation services, configuration management, system administration, reproduce visualization environments, Crew Station development, input device trades, human monitoring, technology assessment and exploration, and development and support of visual simulation databases.

The technologies developed must be able to execute in real-time and must be physics-based.

GVSC-IS has developed a baseline capability for Virtual Experimentation simulation with existing motion base simulators, image generators, real-time dynamics models and a simulation software framework which serves as the foundation for these technologies.