Hitting Collider,Not Being Effected ?

Hello guys, i have a problem. I have a parachute system,actually it’s more like an airplane system,anyway i want to shake a little bit and tint the screen to the red a bit if i hit to the buildings in the city. BUT , right now i won’t deal with tint, my problem is when i collide with the mesh collider of the building the screen gets crazy and i can’t get the control back , what should i do not to be effected from colliding ? ( But the problem, I also need to be effected for little shaking )

I also thought that i can ignore all the colliders and do sumthing like that :

var distance : float = 1000;

    function Update()
    var building = GameObject.FindWithTag("City1");
    if(Vector3.Distance(transform.position,building.transform.position) < distance )
    Add force or sumthing

but when i do it like this, first building is OK but the function doesn’t work on other buildings,please help :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “The system gets crazy”?? Assuming that the collision dont wok properly and your character simply goes inside the buildings mesh I would say for you to check:

  • The collision only happens if at least one side has a rigidbody/charcontroller component.
  • Look if one or more of the colliders involved are “triggers”.
  • About your posted code, the problem is probably the tag you chose for finding the GO. Take a look in all the building’s tags.

Hope it helped…