Hitting people by a car

how to create something like…pedestrian model is walking on street and when is hited by car it act like ragdoll, something like this??- YouTube
i have animated model and its ragdoll…look here:- YouTube

Just use: OnCollisionEnter, then delete the animated object and replace by the ragdoll one. If you want to make it more realistic, you can buy Advanced Ragdoll from ActiveDen.net!

yes i have the advanced ragdoll…but can anyone write sample script ? :slight_smile: please

function OnCollisionEnter (col : Collision) {
if(col.gameObject.CompareTag(“player”)) {

   function KillPlayer () {
         isControllable = false;
         rigidbody.isKinematic = false;

what about this, nothing happens when i collide with a ragdoll it is still animated…