Hold On (busy... box broken.

(I would give you the exact Unity version, but Unity has just thrown a fit and I can't. 2020.1.4 something or other.

I have a project that needs to create thousands of objects. I have tried every way to do this I've found, so far everything has awful limitations.

But this bug report is for the Hold On box which gets displayed if ANY loop of ANY design is working and busy for more than 2 seconds.

I don't mind the hold on box itself, the problem is it never lets go, control is never returned to the editor, my code never gets the chance to finish. So if you have a long loop your only escape is to terminate the Unity process. Doing this over and over again is A LONG way from ideal and this afternoon has totally corrupted my project, which I'm about to start repairing.

This box is stupid and somewhat pointless. If it has to be there please make it work. If it doesn't HAVE to be there please remove it. From a users point of view it's pretty obvious if the editor is busy.

Forum threads aren't bug reports. If you want Unity devs to see it, you have to file a bug.

If you're not using source control, start using source control. Repairing your project after corruption should be no more difficult than just reverting changes to a few files.

Thanks Joe.
Source Control? From what and where? What does that do?

Source control is how anyone who is serious about writing software (including Unity projects) keeps track of their projects. Its primary purpose is to allow you to save the state of your project at any point so that you can easily revert the state of the project, as well as easily share the project with other people and coordinate making simultaneous changes to the project in an organized way without trampling over one another.

I personally recommend Git as the best option, but other options are:

Unity’s Collaborate tool