Holographic remoting player app with Open XR-Unity 2020.3.x

Hi, This question is about The Hololens Remoting functionality for Hololens 2 with Unity 3D. I have looked up all possible help from various sources and tried out different methods to connect the hololens 2 to the unity editor VIA hololenes remoting. the same ERROR arises which says " DISCONNECT : TRANSPORT CONNECTION WAS CLOSED DUE TO REQUESTED VIDEO FORMAT NOT BEING AVAILABLE " . i have also done the Unity learn tutorial for hololens remoting under Hololens 2 fundementals and mixed reality development . I came to the conclusion if Hololens remoting feature needs a faster PC , which the one i am using is a 16GB RAM or could it be the wifi . Open to any help . thanks

I have the exact same issue, I tried it on another PC and got another error saying “Failed to enable remoting runtime. UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)”.
If you have another laptop you should try it on it and see if it generates the same error, cause it worked for some people.
Install HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer on your Hololens then lunch everything all over again.
Go to device manager and disable your Graphics card (my case NVIDIA Geforce 820M) and let it use your Intel Graphics.
If else fails, should try setting this configuration using these versions:
Unity 2020.3.x (tested with 2020.3.6)
MRTK 2.7.2
Mixed Reality OpenXR Plugin 1.0.1
Unity OpenXR Plugin 1.2.8
Holographic Remoting App ver

I hope one of these solutions work for you, because it did for some people, as for me it didn’t but it’s worth the try.