Hololens and unity render video on quad


I’m trying to stream what I’m capturing with Hololens on a quad in unity using AvPro.

For capturing I’m using MediaCapture with which I’m recording in a file, and give the path to AvPro, but unfortunately it doesn’t work it keeps showing me this error.
→ [AVProVideo] Using playback path: MF-MediaEngine-Hardware (0x0@0.00)

Or instead of MF-MediaEngine-Hardware → Unknown path

Any ideas ? Or any way that I could stream a video from camera to a Quad ? Any library is ok.

Hi @papiot,

Did you use AvPRO or something else? If you used AVPro you have to add ApplyToMesh and AvProMediaPlayer (MediaPlayer) to your gameobject.

After you add this 2 components you only have to drag MediaPlayer to ApplyToMesh and also the gameobject (which has those 2 components mentioned before) to applyToMesh.

Hope it helps

Any luck with this? I’m having the same same issue.

I’m actually just trying to play video inside my Hololens project. Any video (local or streaming) and I can’t get anything to work.

Any help appreciated