Hololens Dev: UWPuilding Failling due to missing HolographicAppRemoting.dll

Hey Guys,
Two questions:

  1. The Holographic emulator will connect to the IP of the Hololens, but won’t properly when playing the scene

  2. The project can be built, but when trying to deploy it it pops up an error stating that HolographicAppRemoting.dll in the Plugin/x86 folder cannot be found.

I can find the corresponding file in the x64 folder but it won’t work when copy/pasting it into the x86 folder, it will only open a window view in the Hololens.

I’m using Unity 2019.2.2f and MRTK v2.0.0 and trying to run a Rossharp project on it.
(Github link of the Rossharp link Rossharp

Anybody having the same error or has an idea on how to solve this?

Thanks allot

I’m also getting this. Not trying anythning more fancy that starting a basic scene on a Hololens1 with MRTK v2

Did you get it working @Dshapir ?