Holotoolkit on screen keyboard won't open,Hololens on-screen keyboard won't open

Hi guys,

I’m creating an input field for my demo app and use the keyboard from holotoolkit but that doesn’t open up. What I’ve been trying:

  • Glisse Keyboard prefab into my project
  • Add Keyboard.cs component to my keyboard
  • Add keyboards from the prefab (keyboard_alpha, keyboard_space_alpha etc…) to fields in Keyboard.cs
  • Remove Input Field component from my input field and add KeyboardInputField.cs component
  • I also add
    into OnPointerClick() method in KeyboardInputField.cs script

I’m using Unity 2017.2 and Holotoolkit 2.0
Any help is really appreciated!


Never mind, it was too small so I changed the scale and it’s all fine :smiley: