Homesteading and Woodcutting/Mining Scripts (2D Top Down RPG),How to make a homesteading system?

Need help figuring out where to start my C# scripts for homesteading and house placement. Also need some help with a Mining/Woodcutting Script(s) . I already searched google, and couldn’t find anything on homesteading in unity for 2D. Any help is greatly appreciated!,I’m trying to figure out how to allow the player to build houses on only designated plots of land. The idea is to be able to make a house from logs or bricks. Ideally the player would have to cut down wood, or mine/craft the materials and them put them together. Keep in mind that this is a 2D Top Down RPG, that’s just a bonus thing added in to the game. What coding would I have to do?

First, make sure you know all the basics (watch lots of simple Unity tutorials):

  • Basic C# programming (variables, if-statement, loops, functions/methods, etc)
  • Prefabs
  • Tags
  • Managing components in the editor and accessing them in code.
  • Assigning references to other objects and accessing them through code.
  • Instantiating objects through code.
  • How to check what the player clicks on with the mouse or what’s in front of the player character if you don’t allow a mouse pointer in your game.
  • Managing resources (just the values so you can add cost to the building, etc. I’m not talking about interactions with items in the world).

Then start really small. Develop one simple feature at a time without trying to implement it into an actual game. Prototype.

If construction is what you’re most interested in right now then start with a few visible cells on the screen (just simple, square sprites or something) that you can click on and get a simple menu with just a few things you can build. You can even postpone the menu part and simply add key inputs (1, 2, 3, etc) that will build a certain type of building in the cell the player chose.

When that’s done, start adding cost. Prevent the player from building something if they don’t have enough resources. Again, cheat by using key inputs that gives the player resources instantly so you can test your construction system and resource management.

Then implement harvesting. Add a couple of trees. Allow let the player to walk up to a tree and press a key to chop it down. Forget about making it look pretty with animations and all that. Focus on the functionality.

Take inspiration from other games of this type, but keep it very simple when you start implementing a new feature. It’s an iterative process.

If you run into problems, post a new question that focuses on one small aspect of your game. Show what you’ve attempted to do. Don’t ask how to make a game. People are much more willing to help you if you follow these guidelines.