hope you like waiting


that's on switching back and forth scenes
what's the benefit of asset db v2 again, i forgot

I ask the same: in what areas is v2 supposed to be better than v1? Because from what I've seen, it's simply a lot slower and bug prone, and feels like a classic case of something being rewritten from scratch just for the sake of it.

You clearly don't have to switch platforms much because it's a godsend! 5 minutes instead of 45minutes

^ fast platform switch which represents <5% of interaction is no excuse for breaking workflow for the remaining 95%

this happens on a scene save... why would it need to import? because it can.

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Still "stuck" in 2019.2, I forgot you have to use v2 to get fast platform switching.

Dang, that was the one thing I was actually looking forward to when we inevitably upgrade the project to 2019.4 to get platform SDK updates next year (which I am already dreading, based on the horror stories on the forum).

Ehh, from my experience Unity has been inexplicably locking up like this from around the 2017.x era. The only thing that seems any different to me now is that I get a little popup telling me when the editor is locked instead of clicking on things and getting pissed that they don't respond. Although admittedly the total amount of time these lock ups take seems to have steadily increased over the years.

The real question is: Why can't this run in the background on a different thread or in some less obtrusive way? Not once in my experience working with UE4 can I recall having to wait for the engine to do some mysterious work like I do with Unity.

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