Horizontal ScrollView Inside a Vertical ScrollView

I have a vertical ScrollView using the Unity GUI system. It is a list of items.

I have put a horizontal ScrollView on each item in the list. I use this to scroll the main item button to the left to expose 2 other buttons (edit and delete).

This is similar to what you find on iOS apps where you have a list of items and can swipe left to expose buttons to operate on the item in the list.

The problem is that when you try to scroll the list vertically nothing happens. I assume this is because the horizontal scroll view on the item your finger is on is taking control of the user input and knows that the horizontal item scroll view isn’t allowed to scroll vertically.

This is confirmed because I have a small padding between each item and if I make sure the mouse (or finger during touch) is hitting that small gap of padding I CAN scroll the list vertically.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Is there some way to tell a horizontal scroll view component to ignore one of the axis and let that trickle up to a higher component?

I know I could implement my own horizontal scrolling, but would rather have the build in UI code do the work if this is at all possible.

I found it after some research:

I did some research as well and came up with a lot of hits, but none that answered it. I suspect you found a better search set than I did.

I will try this out.

Thank you!