Horizontal slider of a building construction

Hi all.

The main question is a bit brief, what I do is something like a temporary cycle and I think that could be done by customizing a horizontal slider is appearing where the different layers of construction of a building from the basic structure to the final coating so it looks like the order is built.

I had thought of something like the night-day cycle with a bar on top with a marker and play one pause and stop, but also with the mouse can move forward and backward progress.

Regards and thanks in advance to those who, Answer.

Sorry, the information you provided is not sufficient. I don´t understand what your actual question is.

You want to show a progress bar of a house that is being build?

Or do you want to play a kind animation of a house being build and you want interface controls for that like in a video player software (play, pause, stop and a slider to see and set the current progress)?

Please be more specific.

First, thanks for responding.
What I have in mind is an animation, which will appear the different phases of the construction and to give power to pause or after and watch closely in the work in the first person, that I could do a video with 3dmax, but this is a step for me, say that the idea is an interactive animation and training, but the problem is not how to do and ask for help.
The top bar I would like to progress and manage bookmarks to go to a specific time point and buttons play, pause and stop, that’s what it says “antx”.
A greeting