Horizontal slider

Hi unity, I have an little problem in here…
I have an perfect working horizontal slider:

var velMagnitude: int = 0;

function OnGUI() {
GUI.Label(Rect(550,260,100,40), “Mouse Sensitivity”);
velMagnitude = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(550,300,200,30),velMagnitude,0,10);
GUI.Label(Rect(770,300,100,20), velMagnitude.ToString());

but now, if the slider is going from 1 to 10 and I want to acces the mouselook script and changes some variables, but how do I do that for each number?

What is the slider for? If it’s just for mouse sensitivity or something I’d just make a formula if I were you.

for example:

MouseSensitivity.x = velMagnitude * 3;
MouseSensitivity.y = velMagnitude * 3;