Horizontal / Vertical duplicating object

i used to work on another game engine that had a function called (horizontal/vertical tiles) applied on backgrounds at a room that would just keep duplicating the given background image (vertically or horizontaly) until both given edges of the room were reached. it would work just like a tilemap where the cell_1 (there are no x and y since its only vertically or horizontally) would be the object itself and the cell size be equal to the image size and it would duplicate this image on the the other cells both on the right/left or top/down until the given x or y edge was reached… is there anyhow to do that on unity? it doesnt need to exclusively used tiles

Do you mean a repeating pattern like this? Abstract Geometric Pattern Lines Rhombuses Seamless Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 573952828 | Shutterstock

Select the image you use, set the Mesh Type to Full Rect.
If you use Sprite Renderer, set the Drawing Mode to Tiled.
If you use Image (UI), set Image Type.

Worked perfectly! Thanks