horseshoe game - convex mesh colliders with interior spaces

I'm working on a horseshoe game. I understand that the mesh colliders on my horseshoes have to be "convex" because I need them to collide with 1) terrain (used for the sand pit) and 2) other horseshoes with mesh colliders. First, is that the correct assumption?

So I made the horseshoe collider be convex and now the problem is that the stake is not allowed to protrude into or otherwise take up the "open" part of the horseshoe. So it's impossible to get a ringer so to speak. Looking at the wireframe outline of the collider, this makes sense, as it appears to wrap the entire horseshoe and not account for the open space in the middle of the horseshoe.

alt text

Is there something wrong with the verts in my horseshoe model or is this simply the nature of how convex mesh colliders work? If this is how convex mesh colliders work, how would I work around this for my game?

That is correct. A workaround would be to create several empty gameobjects with primitive box colliders, then scale and rotate them so that they cover the horseshoe. Then make them children of the horseshoe, and you should be set to go.

Good luck!