Host a webplayer on dropbox


I know nothing about hosting anything, but I want to host a web player of a day-night cycle I created. I don’t know if its the best but I was going to use dropbox to host the webplayer. I’ve exported my scene as a webplayer and have the .html file and the .unity3d file in the dropbox file on my comp: 6629-hosting1.jpg

If I click on the html file in my file explorer and run the webplayer it works perfectly but when I try and run the html file online from dropbox the webplayer come up with the error “failed to download data file”.

Please help (any replies I thank in advance)

You have to place the files somewhere in your “public” dropboc folder. If you rightclick a file in the public folder you can copy the public link to the file.

I have tons of example webbuilds in my public folder for Unityanswers :wink: I created a subfolder in my public folder.

For example:

local file:

D:\My Dropbox\Public\UnityAnswers\Web\BendTheWorld\WebPlayer.html

public link:

Some others:

Since Dropbox “dropped” the public folder support for free users (afaik as paid user you can still create one), you have to “publish” every file “manually”. Since with a new DB account it’s no longer possible to publish a whole directory, every link to a published file is unique. Therefore you have to “hardcode” the URL to the “.unity3d” file inside your HTML file.

See these questions for more details:


Although this is an old thread I should report my solution.

I didn’t have a public folder when I installed Dropbox. I had to enable one and put the Webplayer files in that. I created a public folder by going to this 1 and about half way down the page there is the “Creating a Public folder” section.

I hope this helps someone.

Okay so I was also looking to share a webplayer link via Dropbox, however I have no Public folder! So, I followed the advice in the above post(notice that Dropbox has exnayed the Public Dropbox), when I clicked on the “Click here to enable a public Dropbox” it went to my online Dropbox and showed me a Public folder there, it did NOT show me this on my computer side Dropbox(I don’t know why).

So I dragged my files into the web browser and shared the link from there by right-clicking the file and getting the link.

I hope this also helps someone.

Did Dropbox stopped working as a Unity Web Player? Here’s what I did:

  1. Exported my game as a web player | 2. Put it on dropbox in a public folder | 3. Copied the link of the HTML file.
    But when I put the link on browser (tested on Chrome and Safari), the player doesn’t starts. It just gives me the option to download the HTML file fo my game. Can someone help me, please? Thanks!