Host Migration

Hi guys i’ve been creating a multiplayer game and now i have everything set up perfectly for android build but now when a host disconnects everyone on the server disconnects too.I have looked around in google.Found a few threads but understand nothing of what they’re talking about.If anyone can simplify this for me.Thanks

I fear there is no way you can do that, at least as long as you rely on Unity networking and do not host the masters on a server under your control.
The reason is that Unitys Master - Client concept expects the master to never leave, if it does, the game is considered over.

As such you practically have two options:

  1. You let masters (the game server) run on dedicated machines of your choice (many of the game hosters with root / private servers allow for this and are rather unexpensive but need time to manage and scale)
  2. If thats too technical for you, I would recommend to switch to Photon Cloud instead where the master can move from one device to another as the ‘server’ is the Photon Cloud itself while the rest are all clients (where the master client just has the authorative control over the game)