House Design in Unity 3D.

So let’s say I wanted to make a house in Unity3d(that includes the interior and exterior of the house), can I make the house in blender 3d? So let’s say I make a house in Blender3d (it has textures applied and everything), can i just export it into unity3D? Or do I have cut the house into pieces and export them indivualy and reaplly the textures?

I am a complete noob in level design in Unity3d and i just want to know if i can make a house in Blender3d
and export it into unity3d, and do i cut my house into pieces and export them seperatley and how will i texture my house?

yes you can. the only thing is, in unity you have to create new materials for the house, and reasign them inside the import settings of the fbx/.blend file…

Yes you can but it is not recommended. Unity does a poor job of importing Blender models (instead it does it relatively well with Maya models).
I’d recommend import each model separately (import chairs, tables, appliances one by one) and then in Unity, place them in the house. If your Blender models have albedo textures, specular map, normal map, height map, occlusion map, metallic map etc, you need to bring and assign them manually.