Hovering script, set deceleration

Hi, i’m trying to make a vehicle hover a certain height above the ground, I’ve either made or found this script ( i haven’t worked on this for a while), which does sort of work but is not ideal as it just bounces around far too much

What i’m really trying to do is make a script which detects how far you are from the ground, and sets a deceleration for that, however i’ve only just started to learn js so how would you do this?
How could you make the force added a function of the change in distance between the vehicle and ground, up to a limited maximum value?

SO as it gets closer to its target distance, the amount of force applied is less so it doesn’t go over its target distance.

(current script)

#pragma strict

function Start () {

var hoverHeight : float = 10;

function Update () 

var ray = this.transform.position;
if (Physics.Raycast(transform.position, -transform.up, hoverHeight))


Simply make your AddForce call contain a function of distance and a scaling factor.