How 2 Save HIGHSCORE if "death"=level reload?

Hey, thanks for clicking on this.

I want to save the highscore but I just found out that my methods were kinda’ wrong, given the fact that the death of the player, in my 2d Android game, is a total level reload/reset.

I tried DontDestroyOnLoad, but the text overlaps the last one.

This is my score/highscore script (Thanks a lot):

#pragma strict

var Score : float;
var HighScore : float;
var AfisareScore : GUIText;
var AfisareHigh : GUIText;

function Start() {

InvokeRepeating("AddToScore", 0.1, 0.1);
InvokeRepeating("Afisare", 0.1, 0.1);


function AddToScore() 

Score += 1;
if( Score > HighScore) {
HighScore = Score;


PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("HighScore", HighScore);

function Afisare(){

AfisareScore.text = Score.ToString(); 
AfisareHigh.text = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("HighScore", HighScore).ToString();


Hi, in Start() method just load the highscore prefs, if they exit.

var HighScore : float = 0;

function Start(){
        HighScore = GetPlayerPrefs.GetFloat("HighScore");