How add advertising in a free Android application using unity

Hi !

I’m new about Unity and I would like to add some advertising in a free Android application I developping. How could I do something like that ?

Thanks for your advises.

I don’t know if Unity directly supports advertising. You could try importing it into the Android SDK and add the advertising there.

Like other pieces of software, Android smartphone applications go through a beta testing process, in which a limited but still large number of users field test an unfinished version of the software in search of bugs. To take part in an Android app beta test, all you usually have to do is download the beta version of the software, install it on your Android phone, and agree to report any bugs or crashes to the development team so that they can address the problems. Thanks.
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Realize this is a bit old, but I found this when searching myself. I ended up purchasing the plugin from these guys:

It was about $13 and it took me about 10-15 minutes to implement… well worth the money.