how add script by script to gameObject

Hi, I write a game based on Unity 3.x… and i have a problem with mini game in coconut shy. I win a power cell but i can’t take it. I think that this script doesn’t duplicate object with script attached to him.

    static var targets : int = 0;
    static var haveWon : boolean = false;
    var winSound : AudioClip;
    var cellPrefab : GameObject;
    function Start () {
    function Update () {
    	if(targets==3 &&haveWon == false){
               winCell : GameObject = transform.Find("powerCell").gameObject;
               Instantiate(cellPrefab, winCell.transform.position, transform.rotation);
               haveWon = true;

How in diffrent way I can add script to power cell witch I win?

What i would do is insted of spawning in a script why not just enable/disable it.

it is simple.

hoped this helped