How and where do you submit a Publisher Page for the asset store?


I've packaged up some assets and submitted them to the asset store but apparently it also requires a publisher page, but I can't find any info on where to submit this to?

From the submission guidelines:

Publisher Page Every publisher on the Unity Asset Store has their own Publisher section, which features a company description, URL, company logo, and links to all of the packages on the Asset Store. If you have not yet submitted assets to create your Publisher page, please note the following: We need a set of Key Images to the above specification (minus the icon) We need your company name, company description in 1-2 paragraphs, and an URL to your website.

However, it doesn't specify where to submit this info? (It's not part of the asset Package Manager configuration)



A method for submitting the publisher images is still in the works. For now you can only specify the publisher description and URL. A later update of the publisher tool will allow updating the publisher information including uploading the publisher key images.

I checked whether this was possible from time to time, and it is now. You can configure the image for your publisher page via the publisher login on the website. It’s on the Info tab.

There’s a large and a small image. The large one is for your page background, just like for a product. The smaller one is for features, which as far as I can tell aren’t used right now.