How apply something like the "!" Operator to an enum?

So hey Guys,
latley I am working with enums, and now I came to the point were I want an if-statement to return true when the game is not in the current gamestate (enum). The Code looks simplified like this:

public enum GameState { Phase1, Phase2, Phase3);

public Class Classname : MonoBehaviour 
public GameState currentState;
public void Start
public void Update
if (//SomeCode// && currentState==!GameState.Phase2)
//Some Code//

But Unity says that enums cant work with the !-Operator (CS0023). Is there another way to make the if-Statement return true if some State but not “Phase2” is the current state ?
thx and pls excuse my english skills :wink:

You got some major confusion here. An enum is equivalent to an ordinate integer value- Each enum member has a numerical value assigned. So all you do is comparing numbers. Applying the boolean operator “NOT” i.e. the unary ! operator to a number doesn’t make much sense. What do you thing !5 should return?

What you are looking for is the not-equal operator != which returns true when the two compared values are not equal. The != operator is just a shorthand. The expression A != B is the same as !(A == B)

So if you want to test that your state is not “Phase2” (so any other state) you should do

if (currentState != GameState.Phase2)

Oh yeah that makes sense, I messed that one up.
much thanks for the fast and informative respond.