How are cutscenes animated in Unity?

I’m trying to learn how to animate things in the unity 3D engine, and I was wondering what the different ways were that professional studios go about it? I realize this is a pretty open ended question, but I get the feeling “Spriter” isn’t the answer. So far that’s the only animation tool I’m familiar with and I’m trying to gauge what other tools and practices I’m going to need to learn. Thanks in advance!

Some cutscenes are animated as a whole in 3D modeling/animation programs or 2D sprite animation editors such as Anime Studio. This gives complete control of the cutscene to the artist, but it doesn’t allow much ability to interface with the other elements of the game.

In Unity, a scrubbing editor is the easiest way to create cutscenes for 2D or 3D. Some choices are uSequencer, Cinema Director, and Animator Timeline Editor (open source but not quite as full featured). You can find others, too, on the Asset Store.

In script, you can use coroutines. Here’s a forum thread that gives some pointers. I’d link to the Unity Gems tutorial directly, but Unity Gems appears to be down.