how are Mathf.SmoothDamp and Mathf.SmoothStep different

What is the difference between these 2 functions and when should they be used (best practices, etc.)?


The differences are listed right in the manual links you provided. The trick is, of course they do similar things – they both move you in a non-linear fashion.

But, as it says, SmoothStep takes a 0-1 time percent input, while SmoothDamp takes a speed. One says to go there in 3 seconds, moving at whatever speed that requires. The other says to go at about 2.5M/S, taking as much time as it requires.

Then, of course, SmoothStep says in the description that it takes a while to speed up at the start, while SmoothDamp says it works like a spring (springs are further==faster.) And, SmoothDamp has more ways to tweak it.

But, in the end, they’re just math. You can do any of that yourself if you have a little high school pre-calculus.