How are verticies numbered in Unity?

This is a primitive plane in Maya that was, textured, attached to bones, and imported into unity as a SkinnedMeshRenderer.

I was atemtping some mesh deformations and I assumed the vertices would have some sort of logical numbering, but this is what I found.


Is there something I can do in Maya or Unity to avoid this?


Exact vert #'s are generally considered “internal data” by modelling programs. Most people will never seen the numbering, so modeling programs just number them however seems easiest. Probably starts as a grid, but then gets weird as you split, extrude… .The last time I looked inside Blender, I think I saw cases where it sometimes renumbered verts.

There isn’t even an obvious way to number them in many cases (what’s the correct way to number a sphere?)

The simplest thing is probably to go through all of them and key off of (x,y,z.) If you really, really need to, you can create the mesh yourself, numbering verts the way you need. Could also “weight paint” them and key off of that (if you need edge verts to move, paint them more.)