How bad are rigidbodies in mobile devices?


I’m making a game where there will be like 80 spheres moving on a screen that have RigidBody component and will bounce each other off (via Physic material) and also bounce off borders of screen which are box colliders.

As I don’t have a device to test, will I see a drop in performance on iOS/Android? If yes, what are my alternatives?

I thought of making them triggers and handle collision manually but I don’t know how.


well rigidbodies mean physics calculations. The full fledged Nvidia Physics per frame update trying to run in a phone?

Yea that processor is not going to like trying to simulate realistic physics. It’s going to crush the processor ESPECIALLY if your trying to support phones that aren’t the newest Iphone or top tier Android.

Trying to support a budget phone 2 year old processor? Don’t think so.

your best best is to simply make colliders triggers and do only the physics calculations you need to, when you need to do them.

That lets you get rid of reams of physics code running when its not needed and you can approximate physics to simplify the calculations.