How can 5-10 people work on the same project?

I’m the creator of a group that is currently designing a game, but only I can view or edit it. How can a group of people work on a project together? (It doesn’t have to be at the same time)


You want to use some kind of source control like Perforce, SVN, GIT, etc. If you buy a Team license, the Perforce integration is really good. I definitely recommend it.

If you want to have multiple people work on the same scene, that’s more difficult, but I do have a product called SECTR STREAM that some teams have had a lot of success with.

Use Git or any version control system.

Unity does not allow to work on the same scene at the same time, Bitsquid engine actually does that.

In Unity you do modifications and push them to the server via a git client. Then others can pull the modification from the server onto their computers.

You need to read on about git since it is not as simple as it looks all the time.

Github allows unlimited users but repository is public, bitbucket allows small team for private repository.

Unity is a little picky on Scene so you may want to make most of it by code, or use Unity version control which is about €600.

It’s not practical in my case to implement a centrally held Project Management Version Control etc as my internet is ridiculously slow. Like, 50kb uploads slow. It’s ok for small things…

We divide tasks that tend to not overlap in terms of dependency. We also design our structures to be drop-upgradable; the new versions and add-ons can practically be snapped-in to the project and work with very little foolery.

We currently have one machine which contains the complete project (not including backup). When a new addition is built-in we export the scene, character setup, whatever it is, from the main machine to make sure that the others have updated resources to work with.

We also use shared folders in DropBox to share files and keep things up to date. It’s not ideal but given our current status, it’s working for us.

But, realistically only one complete project should be maintained as this way crosstalk, backtracking, overlap, incompatibility are all minimised; so we’re happy.

But we are small. We still use USB sticks for crying out load :smiley:

DropBox is useful as when Lead Developer makes a full APK build it downloads automatically to my phone.