How can a 2D Sprite remain on the same space when the sprite is stretched?

I was experimenting with Unity’s Sprite Editor, but I realized if I wanted to include a disproportionate sprite in an animator, the standing sprite is relocated. I have a picture for a better understanding.

The left part shows a regular standing sprite example. The right part shows a disproportionate sprite being used to replace the standing sprite, relocating the image based on scaling.

Is there a way that the ideal outcome (disproportionate sprite, but maintains its location regardless of scaling) can be accomplished?

I appreciate the information and advice you have shared. I will try to figure it out for more.
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Hmm, a couple of options I’d consider doing are either make all the sprites the same max size or create separate body sprites and limb sprites if the limbs are going to extend really far out.

Another option would also be to animate the position of the sprites to keep the player always centered but that would be pretty tedious to update if any changes to the sprite size is made.