How can downgrade unity

Once again, Unity are asked to update and i finally agree.

When i run the project, all, all Objects began to behave INCORRECT.
I even come to mind from what it is. Code is perfect!!!
all, that working fine on previos versions, now working through the ass. i’m veryyyy angry.
and what am I supposed to do!

how can downgrade unity to 5.0.1f1 ???

sorry for my english

That’s what happened to me. I agree with backing up answer, but that doesn’t solve the problem. That prevents the problem.

I just went to the unity archive and downloaded the older version. I installed this old Unity in a different directory and opened my project with this version. It automatically downgraded.

This happens way to much to people.


If you come from a developer background you should know that you almost never update your development environment during a release unless you can 100% guarantee there there will be either almost no issues or none whatsoever.

If you didn’t back up, which it seems obvious that you didn’t… you may have to setup your scenes again, this is your fault and your choice. Do not blame the updating notifications or Unity for your choice…

Let me give you some steps before you or anyone else tries this:

  1. BACK UP
  2. BACK UP
  3. BACK UP
  4. BACK UP
  5. BACK UP
  6. Try something that may break your project.