How can get Unity 5 to automatically open the previous project?

In Unity versions prior to 5, the launcher would be skipped and it would automatically open the previous project. Seems they’ve removed this behaviour and now it always prompts me for which project I’d like to open. I only ever work on a single large project so this basically just adds a mouse click for nothing. Is there a setting or preference I can change to get the old behaviour back and skip the launcher?

Check the preferences in Unity 5


Normally what we do, is add a short-cut to a blank scene in our project which opens up everything automatically.

I know this isn’t exactly the answer you wanted but I do hope this helps!

– You’d go into your Project’s Assets folder and select the blank scene you created if you have more then one scene in the project, otherwise just use your most recent project.

– Right click on Windows or Left Click for Mac and select Copy or use CTRL + C
–On your desktop, right or left click depending on OS and select Paste Short-Cut otherwise your project will be corrupted because it’s missing assets.

Now you just click your Scene every time you want to work on your project and you won’t have to use the Launcher.