how can get value from same script ??

i try long way to get value,

        public Stats thisStats;
public Stats otherStats;

public int health;
public int defense;
public float damage;
public float power;
public bool skill1;
public bool skill2;
public bool skill3;

private void Update()
    if (otherStats != null)
    { =;
        thisStats.defense = otherStats.defense;
        thisStats.damage = otherStats.damage;
        thisStats.power = otherStats.power;
        thisStats.skill1 = otherStats.skill1;
        thisStats.skill2 = otherStats.skill2;
        thisStats.skill3 = otherStats.skill3;

how to get value better way ?

If you always equal the same values

thisStats = otherStats;

youcan use this.