How can I access an Animation Playable Asset from script

I am using scripts to add animation clips to tracks in the timeline. But I also need to be able to set the clip transform offsets on the clips. How would I go about accessing the Animation Playable Asset?
Here is the code I use to create the tracks and add the clips what am I missing? I know I am close.

public void CreateAnimationTracks()
_animationTrack = _timeline.CreateTrack(null, “Track1”);
playableDirector.SetGenericBinding(_animationTrack, fighter1);


public void AddAnimationClip(AnimationClip animationClipToAdd)
// Add the new Animation Clip to the Animation Track


Answering my own question in case this helps someone else. Once you have the timelineClip it is eazzee piezee to get to the AnimationPlayabelAssets simply typecast the asset reference:

For example
// Set translation offsets
AnimationPlayableAsset animationAsset = timelineClip.asset as AnimationPlayableAsset;
animationAsset.position = new Vector3(offsetX, 0, offsetZ);
animationAsset.eulerAngles = new Vector3(0, rotationY, 0);