How can I access/change the saturation of my scene with C#? (had it working, but it stopped after update)


I was using this line of code to access the saturation in my scene (having the ColourCorrectionCurves script attached to my camera, and “using UnityStandardAssets.ImageEffects;”

var sat = Camera.main.gameObject.GetComponent<ColorCorrectionCurves>().saturation;

It worked no problem, but since updating to the current version of Unity it no longer does anything. No error messages appear either. I’ve also tried using:

	UnityStandardAssets.ImageEffects.ColorCorrectionCurves. ...

but the intellisense stops working there, and it won’t find the Saturation property.

Does anyone know how to access it now?

Thanks in advance

Do you still have the standard assets installed? You may need to re download them for the new update depending on what version you updated from / to.