How can I access Google Spreadsheets from Unity?

I would like to learn how to change a value in a Google Spreadsheet and have the power of a laser (for example) in a Unity project change in direct relation.

I’m aware that there are paid and free Unity plugins to access the spreadsheets, but I’m looking for something which will teach me how to do it myself. Essentially, I’m looking for a tutorial that can replace this one by Robert Yang, which, as far as I’m aware, was made defunct by later upgrades to the Google Spreadsheets system.

Does anybody know if such a tutorial exists? Does anybody have the knowhow to provide one? I’m not looking for extensive polish or Unity Editor integration (I can work on that myself!) - just the ability to have a Unity game look up a Google Spreadsheet and use that to update it’s internal values!

Cough Anybody?


Check this project by Google itself: GitHub - googlesamples/google-signin-unity: Google Sign-In API plugin for Unity game engine. Works with Android and iOS.

Just look up the API that google offers. Reading / writing values. You can use that API using Unity’s WWW class or the new UnityWebRequest class.

If anyone is still looking for a simple solution, this one works really good:

If anyone (like myself) still needs to know how to do this, I have come across a gold nugget video on youtube.

Realtime Unity Data with Google Sheets | Third Aurora Augmented Reality Tech Company I believe it was posted in July 2021, so chances are it's still very relevant.

Basically it says that you have to create a public google sheet document as a webpage and work from there, this way you can avoid google login etc. It is accessed using JSON in the unity code. The coding part started to feel a bit winded but doable.

Maybe with practice, one could figure out how to make using public google sheets more secure.

Very, very good explanation on the video.