How Can I access the location of the raw Xcode Project of an iOS Unity Cloud Build with a post process shell script?,How do I access to the raw Xcode project from an iOS Unity Cloud Build?

Using a shell script as a Unity Cloud Build post post process script I am unable to get access to the build files of the raw Xcode project. I am not looking for the .ipa file as I need to commit this Xcode project to a git repo.

In my attempts I believe that the Xcode project is getting deleted prior to the shell script running but I am uncertain.

Thank you to anyone who may have an idea on how to help.

Try this:

In Unity, go to Edit > Project Settings > Editor and set the value of “Custom Xcode Project” to “On”.

Build your project using Unity Cloud Build. This will create a .zip file containing the raw Xcode project.

In your post-process script, you can unzip the .zip file using the “unzip” command, and then access the raw Xcode project files.

Here is an example of how you can access the location of the raw Xcode Project in your post-process script:


# unzip the raw Xcode project file
unzip -o "path/to/raw/xcode/" -d "path/to/extracted/xcode/project"

# do something with the raw Xcode project files

Note that the paths in the above script should be updated to match the actual paths in your Unity Cloud Build.

It is also worth noting that Unity Cloud Build deletes the raw Xcode project files by default after the build has completed. To prevent this from happening, you can set the “Keep Xcode Project” option to “On” in your Unity Cloud Build settings.