How can I add a MeshParticleEmitter to a mesh I created dynamically with script?

Usind AddComponent works for adding a Particle Animator and a ParticleRenderer, but how do I add the MeshParticleEmitter? To get a ParticleEmitter I try

var pe : ParticleEmitter = wallChild.AddComponent(ParticleEmitter) as ParticleEmitter; 
var pa : ParticleAnimator = wallChild.AddComponent(ParticleAnimator) as ParticleAnimator;
var pr : ParticleRenderer = wallChild.AddComponent(ParticleRenderer) as ParticleRenderer;

which isnt a Mesh Emitter which I need, but even that loads an animator and renderer on the wallChild but no Emitter. Thank you.

MeshParticleEmitter is not exposed to scripting - however, you can still add it to a gameObject from code by using the string version of AddComponent - ie:

var pe : ParticleEmitter = wallChild.AddComponent("MeshParticleEmitter") as ParticleEmitter;

should work.