How can I add all maps from CrazyBump in Unity?

Hello everybody.
I’ve found a video on youtube that teaches you how can you make textures in Blender look insanely good by using CrazyBump and adding all maps on objects.
This is the link. The Secrets of Realistic Texturing in Blender - YouTube

Now I have a question. Is that possible to do in Unity? I’ve seen there are no shader type in Unity that allows you to import five different maps.
Basically I have no ideea how to do it and I want to ask you guys what’s the best way and course. Import the object from Blender into Unity? Will it look exactly how it looked in blender? Import the maps directly in Unity and make it look like that? Write code to enable the use of all those maps? I have no ideea.

If you guys can help me it would be very awesome as you can see how good the textured objects look in that video. Thanks.

You will need to find or write a new shader that supports that many textures and textures of those types.

There are some on the asset store and a few around t’internet. Generally speaking most you’ll get is 4, not 5, but the results are pretty much the same.

Consider placing one of the lighting textures into the alpha channel of another?