How can I add Force to my object with gravity so that It can travel to Long Distance?

I am new In Unity and I am Developing one Simple game where Plates are Initiate from One place and It will Destroy on click. I want to show my plate flying from one place to another place with Gravity.

My code for Plate Initiate is Below…

void Update () {

    InitTimer -= Time.deltaTime;
    print("InitTimer" +InitTimer);
    if(InitTimer <= 0){
        InitTimer = Random.Range(1f, 2f);
        Instantiate(plate,new Vector3 (range,transform.position.y,transform.position.z), Quaternion.identity);


Can Anyone give me any reference code or any guidance?

I want to fly my every plate In one Direction.

Thank You In Advance…


Dharmesh Kheni

Do you want it to be like skeet shooting? In which case you need to add a rigidbody to your plates, then use Vector3.AddForce(transform.forward * strength) after instantiating. Shooting them could be accomplished with Raycasts.