How can I animate a single model with two skinned meshes?

I have a model with two separate meshes - A snowboarder and a snowboard.

I've animated all the actions and inside c4d it all looks good.

Everything seems to have imported fine, but only the snowboarder is animating - the snowboard is not. Can I make the animation affect both meshes within unity, or do I need to re-do the model as a single mesh?

Here's my import settings:

alt text

Here's what the object hierarchy looks like in c4d:

If you have two Meshes it’s not one model. They come into Unity as two seperated models. Each skinned mesh get it’s own SkinnedMeshRenderer (which holds the bone references). I’m not sure if the bones are shared between the two MeshRenderers. Since you have problems with it i guess Unity created two bone-hierachies and two animation components for each SkinnedMeshRenderer.

If you want to keep them seperated you have to start the same animation on both objects at the same time.