How Can I animate an humanoid model and integrate it in an android app?

Hi all guys, I am very new in Unity 3D, I have just some easy questions.
I want animate one humanoid model, for now I know just that I need a model triggered and skinned. Is it possible find it for free and use it in my project?

second question is: I want create an android app with eclipse and integrate my unity project in my app. My app will have some push buttons for animate the model, for example: if I touch push button 1 I want move an arm, If I touch push button 2 I want move a leg, etc etc (in the nearest future I have to add some biosensors on a real people and follow his movement with a smartphone). How can I animate my humanoid?

thank you.

Answer for 1st question:
You can animate your model in 3d modelling/animating apps,i suggest you blender(it’s free for commercial and non-com use),import your character,do the job(rig and animate) and then export as the fbx file to unity.

Sorry for my bad english.