How can i animate my Object? (bones available)

the question says anything i have a 3D-Mesh and every bone i need i’m looking für a way to animate it very very easy in the way like creating a ragdoll

there should be a standard-mechanism where i just have to attach the bones and than can controll it with the keys or make animations by myself

i’ll download anything you say^^ and sorry for my bad english

Unity has the mecanim animation system, you can animate within unity if you know how, disregard what exthesea has said about not being possible in unity. But i would much rather animate in an external program like maya than in unity. Also i find the ragdoll system a bit dodgy and can leave unexpected results so i have a few different animations for lets say a soldier dying, and a script would randomly choose one to play instead of relying on the ragdoll physics system. Unity only allocates a single thread to the physics engine, so i dont trust it too much :slight_smile: