How can I apply a depth map to a plane or flat surface?

Hey I generated a depth map for an image and now I want to warp or deform a plane or mesh or flat surface to math the shape. This can be done in editor and would be preferable. I have a video clip showing what I want to do and wondering if it can be done in unity, there must be a tool for it?

A ready made solution would be preferable.

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I see people do it in blender like this video: Turn any image into 3d animation using AI generated depth map! - YouTube

But I want to do it in unity, I have found a couple solutions for in unity, using the terrain or using a shader… although, I’m not sure if I can apply it to my image, I will try though. I think the shader method seems more promising and let you know if it works.

I tried writing a shadier to do this, but I’m running into a few difficulties. maybe we can work together to figure this out.

alt text.

Shader Graph: Vertex Displacement - Unity Learn lots of tutorials for unity