How can i apply one material to several fbx?

I export several enemies from max to fbx, each enemy is one max file and fbx file. All enemies share the same image map. When I import these fbxs to unity, the software create one material for each fbx imported (even assign the material name depend of the fbx name). I search for the assigned material in the fbx inspector but the option is disable. So I put these fbxs in the hierarchy panel then in this case i can change its materials for one only that i create in unity. After that i create empty prefabs in the project panel and assign the fbxs (from the hierarchy panel) to the empty prefab. it s work fine. But for any change than i made in the originals fbxs i have to repeat all process. Is there a better way to do this? Thanks for the answer

For a start, what you're doing is the correct way to "fix" the material problem which generates from the fbx import. If your problem generates from the necessity of reimporting, you can do the following:

1- for the first time drag your fbx into unity
2- access the inspector and under "FBX IMPORTER" in the model, select "NONE" in "MATERIALS GENERATION"
3- if you modify your original model and export an fbx again, don't delete your project instance, **just drop the new fbx version over the one already existing in your project** this way you'll only get an updated mesh

Alternatively, you can drag the original 3d file in the project (if I remember correctly this will preserve original material and texture information)

Thanks a lot I´ll test it. :D